1) Prepare myself for mud season
2) Get out my brown clothes
3) Put out the shoe cleansing brush thing
4) Install super heaters on my shoes to dry out the mud before me as I walk
5) Mud wrestling is so clich├ęd… Organize a MMMA (Mud Mixed Martial Arts) tournament

1) Start getting used to temperatures above 15F again
2) Start wondering whether my spring clothes were every in style
3) Start wondering what spring is like, for I have quite forgotten
4) Try to remember what the color green is like
5) Give them all up as myths of a bygone era

1) Start looking for of furniture we don’t want, to burn
2) Start looking for old textbooks we don’t want, to burn (curse my use of ebooks!)
3) Use cold as logical reasoning to stay in bed with the wench all day
4) Use sex add the other reason
5) Start wondering if we need to sacrifice someone to the summer gods…

1) Warm, soothing liquids
2) Cough drops
3) Grumble about not going cycling on this beautiful day during my lunch break
4) Repeat #3
5) Repeat #4

I am sick today
Not so bad as to miss work
Just to miss cycling

1) Adapt snowshoes for use by camels (and sundry other dromedaries)
2) Cross-country skis as well
3) Develop scuba system for use by humpbacks (and sundry other whales) to allow them to escape from iced-in areas of arctic seas
4) Bathe in the adoration of whale-lovers everywhere
5) Take a shower… Adoration is stinky

1) Develop nuclear battery to recharge cell phone (for marathon bouts of Fieldrunners 2)
2) Train diligently by playing the game
3) Use my new-found strategic skills and tapping ability to create a new reality TV show, So You Think To Can Tapdance
4) Profit
5) Retire, never play the game again… DAMMIT, THE GAME!!!

1) Start stocking up on summer clothes, water, etc
2) Steal Acquire Gather ice for keeping cool this summer
3) Build an icehouse in the backyard
4) Stock with the aforementioned ice (and snow compressed into ice)
5) Use for keeping cool this summer… awwwww yisssss…


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