1) Hydrate
2) Drink water
3) Imbibe fluids
4) Consume liquids
5) Urinate. A lot

Reminder for you!
Stay hydrated, drink water
Otherwise it’s gross

1) Steal Acquire camels, humpbacks, and llamas
2) Put hats on all of them
3) Arrange for a fashion show to display the animalian hats
4) Might run into a problem with the humpbacks being unable to walk/slide down the runway…
5) Install runway tank for the humpbacks to use, develop SCUBA systems for the camels & llamas

1) Try and wake up earlier
2) Wake up earlier, watch Lonely Island videos in bed, annoying The Wench
3) Get “I Just Had Sex” stuck in our heads
4) Contemplate how early one would have to get up to truthfully sing that song on the way to work
5) Barely make the bus, wonder what I forgot/didn’t do before dashing out of the house

1) Portable catapult “launch” system for kids learning to ride a bike (so they can freemount)
2) The same for when I get him on a unicycle
3) Airbag system for his sudden and inevitable betrayal by physics
4) Band-Aids Adhesive Bandages for same
5) Pizza & iced cream

1) Start my own bus company, so I can set the schedule that works for me
2) Hollow out the ground under the house, rebuild my workplace there, make everyone commute here. Don’t worry, I’ll include parking
3) Free coffee (don’t ask who’s paying)
4) Free energy drinks (don’t ask who’s paying)
5) Four day work week. When they’re not three day work weeks

1) Develop folding unicycle for bringing on public transport
2) Failing that: Stealth Unicycle
3) Start steroid treatment training for Unicon 18
4) Remind myself that there is no money in unicycling, so don’t stress about it
5) Stress about it, get buff through training. Not through chemical means. Except Monster energy drinks…

Monster in one hand
Bombing down the muni trail
Victory is mine!

1) Create a camel-inspired umbrella that captures rain water
2) For those inclined, create a llama-inspired one
3) No alpacas
4) Just to mid things up, create a humpback-inspired dehumidifier
5) Profit


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