1) Outline novel for NaNoWriMo
2) Determine what will bring characters to life
3) Bring characters to life
4) Cower in basement as villain takes over the world
5) Plan to only write erotica for next year’s NaNoWriMo

1) Go on vendetta against the fairy company for not publicizing their recall more broadly, leading to the early spoilage of my coffee cream
3) Weep for my coffee
4) Scour the kitchen for a cream replacement
5) Weep, too decaffeinated to make my way to the store to replace it, or complete my vendetta, then slowly slide into the black abyss…

My coffee, uncreamed
It tastes like my own sadness
Fatigued now, goodnight

1) Find Humpty

2) Place trampoline below the wall

3) Issue all the king’s llamas and all the king’s men super glue

4) Suggest to Humpty that he work on improving his balance, maybe he should try unicycling, or slacklining

5) Put up sign stating “Caution: Wall – Do Not Fall Off Of”

1) Dig out snow gear… Winter is coming
2) Sand down table… Splinters are bumming
3) Check audio jack on computer… Something is humming
4) Check blind spots before backing or if driveway… Someone is running
5) Change sheets on bed… Tonight I’ll be… Sleeping

2) Try to avoid Monday Morning Stitches
3) MMMP might have to follow “Monday Morning Caffeine Injection”
4) MMMP will have to follow “Monday Morning Caffeine Injection”
5) MMMP will also have to follow the work day. Stupid work day…

1) Hack building & grounds work order system to get an oven installed in the lounge
2) Start making breakfast at work, so as to avoid high-priced cafe food
3) This is a large coffee? Bah! “Bah”, I say!
4) Or just remember to buy cereal to bring to work
5) Bah! “Bah”, I say once more!

1) Caffeinated bus/subway seats
2) Caffeinated handrails (gives “grinding” a whole new meaning ;))
3) Caffeinated watch bands
4) Caffeinated steering wheels
5) Caffeinated keyboards

Oh my gods, so tired
My weary eyes crave closure


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